Jared York

Web designer, web developer, custom computer builder, computer programmer

JavaScript, HTML(5), CSS(3), PHP, C#, Java

About Jared

Jared York
Jared York

Hello! My name is Jared York. I offer various computer-related services.

In 2014, I created a game named Steer Clear for all computing platforms using HTML5 and JavaScript. Since then, I started architecting and building personal and small business websites.

Since then, I have built a small but growing portfolio of all of the websites I've designed and built. You can find the websites I have developed under the web portfolio tab.

My Services

Custom websites

From planning, wire-framing the information to be architected, and building, I build fully custom websites from scratch at an affordable rate.

One-time flat fee based on project specifics

Custom computers

I build custom computers catered directly to your needs and specifications.

$125 per build

Includes consulting on details about the new computer and parts. If you buy the parts and have them shipped to me, I will be happy to build it.